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6th International Conference on Domestic Workers 20 OCT 2023

  Hon’ble Chair / President and Colleagues,   On the outset. I on behalf of “Hind Mazdoor Sabha” one of the “Central Trade Unions” recognized by the Government of INDIA representing more than 9.1 Million Indian Workers from all sectors of the economy would like to express my hearty gratitudes to “ General Federation of Bahrin Trade Union (GFBTU)  for inviting me to the  6 th  International Conference on Domestic Workers and also to be a panelist in penal discussion organised with the cooperation of ITUC on “Just Employment for Migrant Workers”.   Migration has been an integral phenomenon of human activities since it’s evolution with changes in forms and patterns. In modern times the labour migration process is believed to be mutually beneficial to country of origin and that of destination, the nation in transit also is benefitted.   Migration affects socio – economic conditions of the migrant workers, their families, society at large ultimately it contributes to the economic developmen

Stand With indian Farmers : Your Solidarity Matters

Stand with indian Farmers Your Solidarity Matters  upload by order GS/HMS/Co 30/9/2023