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Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu ji and other member of HMS attended the meeting met Shri. Bhupender Yadav Minister Labour and Employment Govt. of India on 11th August,2022


HMS delegation met Shri. Bhupender Yadav Minister Labour and Employment Govt. of India. (NEW DELHI) 

11th August,2022

The Following Leaders of HMS attended the meeting, Labour Minister wanted to understand the negative provision in the code

Comrade Raja Sridhar President, Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu General Secretary, Comrade Mukesh Galav Secretary, Comrade Champa Verma Secretary and Comrade Ahlu Walia WCM .

General Secretary of HIND MAZDOOR SABHA Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu ji  thanks the Minister for inviting HMS members  to discuss pending demands of formal and Informal workers ,Govt and PSUs Employees,

  Following issues explained in the meeting

       1)old 12 point demand charter of CTU.

2)    Withdraw anti-Labour and pro-employers Four Code

3)    Restore 44 Scrapped old Labour Laws.

4)    Withdraw ban on new creation of posts on increase work and 3% Surrender existing permanent post every year in  Govt Sectors

5)     Withdraw Govt order for Surrender of 50% vacant post of Govt Sector.

6)    Heavy Job Loss during Corona Pandemic 19 .due to lockdown, all Industries and Establishment closed down, workers died while going native Places, give salaries and proper Compensation of that period as per the statement of Hon’ble Prime Minister that the workers be paid full salary and other benefits also to Migrant workers.

7)    Withdraw Fix term Employment

8)    SDG 2030 goals be implemented as per the commitment of Govt in UN assembly, elimination of Hunger ,Poverty, Create gainful Employment, Universal Social Security to all, quality Health Service, Education, decent work for all,

9)    Ratification of ILO Convention 87,98,189,190 and OSH ILO Resolution be ratify as fundamental Right,

10)  Withdraw increased Overtime

11)  Restore Inspection of Factory and establishment as ILO C-81 which has already ratified

12)  Start tripartite, bipartite Consultation with the Trade unions as per ILO C-144 already ratified by the Govt

13)  Safety Concern on increasing Accident in the Industrial Establishment,

14)  Violations of International Labour Standards.

15)  Withdraw night duty allowed to women’s

16)  Regularization of all Schemes workers as per the decision of 43, 44,45th ILC.

17)  Formulate National Wage Policy for minimum wage Rs 26000/ per month.

18)  Revise Minimum old age Pension Rs 10,000/ to all.

19)  Order of Corporatization of 41 Ordnance Factories be withdrawn.

20)  Regularization of all contracts workers and Salary be given at par with regular permanent workers.

21)  Women workers at IGA Airport as contract workers doing 12 Hour’s duty be regularize and allow to continue with new Contractor without any break .complaint Pending DCLC New Delhi.

22)  Demands of EPFO organizations Employees of group C and B be resolve early ,

23)  Stop Privatization of Railway, Coal, Deffence, Port and Dock, MTNL ,VSNL and  PSU.

24)   Stop monetizing of Govt Assets to Big Corporates and MNC

25)   All HMS leaders participated in the deliberation and discuss very efficiently on all workers issues and anti Labour policies of Government.


A Big thankx from HMS General Secretary Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu to Shri. Bhupender Yadav ji. 

"Hind Mazdoor Sabha has been raising workers problems regularly since long on different forums. You were kind enough to spare your valuable time to discuss various burning issues of Nation’s working class. This was welcomed as a positive, proactive initiative by the leader of the ministry which ended a long dead lock of social dialogue, opened a ray of hope of new  path of mutual trust and confidence;


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