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On 21-04-2023 , at Varanasi Airport . Hindalco Union President Comrade Arvind Ex MLC UP , meeting with press conference.

 On 21-04-2023  arrival at Varanasi Airport a warm welcome was given by Hindalco Union President Comrade Arvind Ex MLC UP ,Comrade Ashok Pandey GS KSS Singroli Mines along with other leaders and on the way to Singroli all the HMS Union Leaders at different locations on the gates of Coal Mines,NCL ,Hindalco, NTPC union GS Comrade SK Singh along with thousands of HMS unions leaders and Workers ,Com B N Singh President KSS Singroli with hundreds of union members given a Warm welcome to Com Harbhajan Singh Sidhu GS HMS ,it was a great mobilization of workers in a KM long procession, today Mass meeting is organized and Press Conference will meet at 11AM after that meeting with all senior coal officials, NTPC officials, In the evening participation in the AGM of KSS ,Singroli Coal mines.

Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, HMS General Secretary 



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