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Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, Genl Secy ,HMS addresse the mass meeting Organized by Delhi state 12 Trade unions on the call of Ten National Trade Unions

Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, Genl Secy ,HMS addresse the mass meeting Organized by Delhi state 12 Trade unions on the call of Ten National Trade Unions 

ON 09-07-2023 at 

           In front of Parliament on historical day of Quite India movement and
Do and die call given by Father of the Nation " Mahatma Gandhi " 
from The Congress convention on 08-08-1942 from Mumbai Maidan 
on persuasion of Acharya Narinder Dev ,Dr Ram Manhor Lohia,
Jai Parkash Narayan Achutpatverdhan ,Aruna Ashaf ali ,
            Molana Abdul Kalam Azad , Etc. ,all given tributes to freedom Fighters
 and Martyrs of freedom of India , 
Raised voice against the anti Labour, Anti farmers, Anti people 
policies of NDA Govt.  and call given to join the call of 
Labour and Farmers union to organize a Mass national conference 
on 24 -08-2023 at Tal Katora stadium against the 
 Labour, farmers, people and anti National policies of NDA Govt.
join hands together fight together against the capitalist Govt .
To save the Nation and save the people of India



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